Road to Wedding

I’m getting married in November and the planning process is in full effect! My fiancé, Raf, proposed to on October 8, 2016 and as soon as he did, we started planning asap. I always mentioned that a year long engagement was perfect and I’ve always wanted a fall wedding. We knew we couldn’t do our wedding in October because it was such a busy month for us to begin with (birthdays, parties, etc), and we knew we didn’t want a winter wedding, so November was the best month for us.

The very first thing we did after we got engaged was hire a wedding planner. This was a must as we would learn along the way, because planning a wedding isn’t easy. I’ve been to so many weddings and almost every bride suggested to invest in a wedding planner, so we did and it has been probably the best investment we’ve made so far for the wedding.

Next on our agenda was the venue. We went to a few before we found the one. We gave our planner an overall budget, which she broke down in different parts of the wedding, so when it came time to look around, we knew what we could and couldn’t afford. Within the first few months of 2017, we found our venue and we are so excited about it!
(Check out our other venue vlogs here and here)

Next was the caterer and baker. We knew we wanted a different kind of menu for our wedding, so we turned away from the typical plated steak, chicken, and seafood catering. We also wanted to try family style since we’ve never seen it done at a wedding. Also it ties into the upcoming holidays near our wedding date (Thanksgiving, Christmas), so we wanted to make it as if you were eating around the dining table. As far as the cake goes, we wanted something small. We noticed that not very many people eat the cake served, so we decided we’re going to do a dessert table to make up for not serving cake. We had both food and cake tasting done recently and it was so much fun!

The most recent check off we’ve done for our wedding was finding dresses for the bridesmaids! It was the first meeting I set up with the ladies and it couldn’t have gone any better. They were all so easy to work with and it helped that we all had the same taste in dresses. Our wedding colors are dusty rose, grey, and burgundy/wine. I wanted to go with dusty rose but David’s Bridal didn’t have that color in their palette. The best bet was a shade called “ballet” which is in between a blush and a mauve and it is absolutely beautiful. Fast forward to today, the dresses arrived in less than 2 months! All we have to do is alterations and we’re good to go! Check out how the fitting went here.

You can check out the rest of our vlogs by clicking the Youtube tab on top of this site.

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