Monthly Archives: July 2017

Wedding Meetings

It has been a crazy year so far with all the wedding planning going on, but it’s coming along quite well. Before I got engaged, I attended a ton of weddings and almost every bride said that they wished they invested in a wedding planner. You better believe the moment Raf and I got engaged, that was the first order of business for us.

Within 2 weeks, we found a wedding planner and she has been awesome! She helps us with everything we need, books appointments, makes suggestions, gives advices, keeps us on track, helps us stay within budget, and regularly checks in with us with updates. I seriously don’t know what I would do without her.

A big, important part of wedding planning has been coordinating meetings whether it be through the phone, e-mails or in person. Having meetings for the wedding on a regular basis is vital and important because it helps keep everyone updated and on track of things. Continue reading

Family Dinner-Kamayan Style

Nowadays, it seems to be uncommon to sit down and have a family dinner. The quick, always on-the-move lifestyle is something we’ve all been accustomed to. In our household, we all have different schedules. There are days we don’t talk at all. Because of this, we made it a point to have sit-down family dinners at least once a week. These dinners help us to talk, get away from our phones, fellowship and just enjoy each other’s company. Continue reading


Holy wow. I have not blogged in such a long time. I have been extremely busy due to work, wedding planning, life and other things that I totally put my blog on the back burner. But, I am back! Let’s see how long this lasts 🙂

Since, it has been so long since I last made an entry, I figured the best way to go about this one is to give an update of what’s been going on this past month and half. Continue reading