Holy wow. I have not blogged in such a long time. I have been extremely busy due to work, wedding planning, life and other things that I totally put my blog on the back burner. But, I am back! Let’s see how long this lasts 🙂

Since, it has been so long since I last made an entry, I figured the best way to go about this one is to give an update of what’s been going on this past month and half.

Early July, I printed out the wedding invites at my local print shop. Yes, we are doing a semi DIY wedding invitation. I say “semi” because I did not make the template. I ordered it on Etsy and it’s basically a PDF that you can edit to your liking and I pretty much have to cut, paste, and assemble the whole suite together. I figured this was the best way to go for us because it’s more cost efficient and it eliminates the struggle of going back and forth through e-mails with a stationer/invitation maker. I can be pretty indecisive so I’d probably be one of those brides that always wants to change the wording or the look of something. It also gives us the option to print as many as we want, without having to give a hard estimate and realizing later down the line that we need to have too much or too little. As far as the invitation suite goes, I placed an order months ago on Cards & Pockets for the pockets, main envelopes and RSVP envelopes. Guys, Cards & Pockets are the best! They have a huge selection for your invitation needs, so many colors that is sure to go with any and every theme, and the best part is…they’re affordable!

Fast forward to mid-July. My family and I took a few days off and had a family outing. We’ve all been so busy lately and we haven’t really been able to spend time with one another. We made it a point to plan a weekend staycation, but that didn’t work out since hotels were SO expensive being that it’s summer and a bunch of families are out on their own vacations. Our last resort was to just do a day trip and so we went for it. We chose Santa Cruz because it has been a while since any of us went there. We took highway 1 the whole way and it was a beautiful drive. We stopped by Whale City Cafe in Davenport for brunch which is right across the cliffs that Raf proposed to me! In Santa Cruz, the weather was gorgeous and we got there before noon, so it wasn’t too busy. As soon as 2pm hit, we were hot, tired and wanted to move on. We ended up in Westfield Valley Fair in Santa Clara to do some walking, eating and shopping. That mall is huge so we spent a few hours there. We got home later that evening and all knocked out! It was a good day.

On July 15th, Raf and his groomsmen finally did their suit fitting. They went to Men’s Warehouse and found their suits that same day! What a relief. I’ve been pushing him to make an appointment and my planner has been getting on my case about it lol. I’m glad it all worked out and we have something else to check off the wedding list. The following weekend, I accommodated my future in-laws with their daughter, our flower girl, to find her dress. We were in and out of the store in an hour, more or less. She found her dress too! It was so easy to choose something for her because she looked so beautiful in everything. We opted for a tulle dress with a lace top, which was exactly my vision!

My sister also booked a bridal shower venue for me. It was one of my choices and my dream shower venue. It’s open, has a modern rustic feel to it, and is a great size. It’s perfect. A week after, my sister sent out the invites. My maid of honor is on a roll! Go girl.

Fast forward to present day. I’ve been working still and have been feeling quite overwhelmed. The other day, I kind of cried. Ok, I cried. It was just one of those days where I felt like I was being pulled in 10 different directions. I was anxious and getting worried about the wedding, meeting deadlines, etc. My head was spinning. But I prayed to God and asked for guidance and strength and let me tell you, prayer works. Speaking to Jesus always eases my soul. Sometimes in life, I get so ahead of myself and my planning nature that I need to be reminded to take a step back, breathe and let Him take over. That was one of those days.

Overall, everything has been great! The wedding is coming along, work is work and I’m feeling much better after this busy month. August is just around the corner and I am ready to tackle it!

I also vlogged a little this past month. Not everything I mentioned in this post is in the vlog, but there are things that I didn’t mention in the blog that’s in the vlog. WAT. I’m so sorry if that was confusing lol. Anyway, here’s the vlog!

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