Wedding Meetings

It has been a crazy year so far with all the wedding planning going on, but it’s coming along quite well. Before I got engaged, I attended a ton of weddings and almost every bride said that they wished they invested in a wedding planner. You better believe the moment Raf and I got engaged, that was the first order of business for us.

Within 2 weeks, we found a wedding planner and she has been awesome! She helps us with everything we need, books appointments, makes suggestions, gives advices, keeps us on track, helps us stay within budget, and regularly checks in with us with updates. I seriously don’t know what I would do without her.

A big, important part of wedding planning has been coordinating meetings whether it be through the phone, e-mails or in person. Having meetings for the wedding on a regular basis is vital and important because it helps keep everyone updated and on track of things.

Yesterday, Raf and I had a meeting with the caterer and our planner at the venue to check out the kitchen, mainly, but to also look around and visualize where everything will be such as cocktail hour, food station, bar, etc. Thank goodness our planner was there because she asked most, if not all, of the questions for the caterer. There were so many times they both asked me questions and I was like like, “Wow, I never thought about that.” Some of those questions were things such as, What kind of plates do you want? Cutlery? Linen? How about the food? How do you want it to look on the tables? Do you want water served in jars or in carafes? What kind of water glasses do you want? Umm, WAT. Omg, my head was spinning. All those little details were things I didn’t even know I had to think about. All in all, the meeting was a huge success. We made so much progress and our planner and caterer took tons of notes.

With our wedding about 3 months away and I would like to think we are more than halfway done with everything, meaning the booking aspect of things. Now, I think the hardest part will be the little details and decor. I need to start making lists because that’s just how I function well. Seriously, if you look in my phone under “Notes” I have hundredsss of little lists/notes of anything and everything. I make at least 1 note or updates on my notes every single day. I’m very visual and if I don’t write or see it, I’ll completely forget. It just works for me. Try it, you might turn into a list freak like me. Anyway, that was my little wedding update. Btw, tomorrow is August 1st. Omg. Ok bye!


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