My Bridal Shower!

WARNING: Long post

Its been almost a week since I celebrated my bridal shower and I miss it so much! It was on 09/16/17 in the cutest venue called Avenue in SF. When I came across this venue during my search, I knew it was the one. After my sister booked the venue, the planning began and I was banned from the whole process lol. She asked me what themes I had in mind and what kind of food I wanted to serve and that was it. It was a tough month or so of silence from my sister and my bridesmaids. When it comes to planning events, parties, gatherings and trips I’m usually the one that is most involved, so not being able to help or have a say in things was extremely difficult. On top of that, the thought of having a party for me is not something I’m used to. I’ve had only a few parties thrown for me my whole life, the last one being my cotillion, over 10 years ago! Otherwise, having something for me is not something I’m used to.

The bridal party, Raf, my mom and Raf’s mom headed to the venue around noon to set up. I had to wait around at home and was not able to leave until 1:15ish. Not to mention, I woke up around 7am that morning of pure excitement! My brother dropped me off and I arrived at around 1:30pm. As soon as I walked in, I was in awe. I could not believe what I was seeing. The decor, the set up, the photobooth (I’ll get to that later)…everything looked amazing! I was blown away.

Most of my guests had already arrived by the time I got there and everyone was ready to eat! The food…omg, the food. It had a little bit of everything. When I spoke to my sister about the food, I knew I wanted to serve things that were different and out of the ordinary. That was definitely executed. We had spam musubi, kalua pork (made by one of my bridesmaids husband), mac salad, lollipop chicken, a fresh strawberry salad (by my future sis-in-law), sushi bake, fresh vietnamese spring rolls, and I set up a cheese board with 3 types of cheese, fruits, and salami (my only contribution lol). Everyone loved the food, as did I.

My bridal party came up with 3 fun games. The first one was “How well do you know the bride?” It was more like a “would the bride prefer this or that?” The 2nd game was a game where you had to tie an empty kleenex box around your waist, filled with ping pong balls and had 1 minute to get as many out as possible. Everyone got a kick out of that one. Last game was the classic tissue bridal gown game, which everyone did such a great job with!

Now on to the photobooth! So, about a month ago, Raf and I bought a photobooth. We’ve been talking about starting this business for a while now. We decided the best time to buy one was sometime near the wedding so we can have time to set up, build the business, and do whatever it is we need to do to get started. The plan is to officially start the business after we get married. I knew my bridal shower was going to be in September, so I ordered the booth near the end of July (the booth is made to order and takes about 6 weeks to make). It arrived around the 1st week of September and that gave us enough time to figure it out, practice and get to know it before my shower. That being said, my shower was our first unofficial event and it was a huge success! Everyone seemed to love it and started asking us questions about it, in which we told them that it was a business venture we’d be starting soon. I was so happy with how it went. It definitely gave me that push and motivation I needed to continue moving forward. Shoutout to Raf for setting it up/breaking it down that day. I can’t wait for what the future holds with the business!

Overall, the shower was everything I could’ve ever wanted. That day was so full of love and fun. The party was intimate, but it’s just what I wanted. Shoutout to my sis/MOH and my bridesmaids for throwing the best bridal shower ever! Thank you to my mom, future mom-in-law, Raf and everyone who helped set up that day. Thank you to Abby for being our photographer, DJ and taking over the vlog. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the delicious food. Thank you for the gifts. Lastly, thank you to everyone who came. I really felt the love and I can’t wait to celebrate our wedding with you all!

Check out my vlog from that day! (vlog takeover by Abby)
My Bridal Shower VLOG



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